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Reaction on social media to Asada's retirement

Athletes, media take to Twitter, Instagram to express gratitude to skater
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Mao Asada was one of the most popular skaters of her day, as evidenced by the overwhelming response on social media to her retirement announcement. -Getty Images

With Mao Asada announcing her retirement from competition, the skating world took to social media to thank the legendary skater for her contributions to the sport. Here are some posts we collected.


��Dear Mao�� Thank you for showing us your emotional skating!!! I was so happy to share the time with you on the ice and I am so proud of you������✨ and also proud of myself to competed with you in Japanese team as Japanese!!! You are beautiful skater and sweet girl with pure heart�� this is not the end!!! This is new start for her⛸�� I'm sure your next skating life will shine as always��✨ I'm sure you'll give your heart to all of the world����❤️ again thank you so much for being a great performer⛸✨✨✨����✨✨✨ with a lot of love❤️ ��まお�� 本当に長い間お疲れ様でした。 きっといっぱい悩んで出した答え。 沢山のファンの方々や支えて下さっていた人の思いも考えただろうなと思います。 でも まおの出した答えは皆んなが受け止めてずっとずっと支えていくと思います��✨�� まおと同じ時代にスケートができて 選手として同じリンクで日本代表として滑っていられた事を誇りに思います������⛸ これで終わりじゃなく第二のスケート人生の始まり!!! これからも世界中に愛と優しさを届けてね����⛸��✨ 本当にお疲れ様 そしてありがとう����✨�� また一緒に滑ろうね⛸�� 大好きだよ〜��❤️

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Thank you #maoasada for an incredible career, being an inspiration and rol model for so many skaters including me! ❤

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