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Donovan hands out Skate Canada fashion medals

Wagner's free skate dress earns praise; France's James, Ciprès dazzle
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Ashley Wagner received the ladies gold medal for her costume at 2017 Skate Canada. -Getty Images

I don't necessarily know what's going on with a number of the Olympic frontrunners this season, as many costumes are just…weirdly plain. With that said, the lower echelons of the scoreboard have definitely been keeping things interesting for me -- and I'm sure they've been keeping the icenetwork editors busy finding photos as well. Thanks, guys, you're the best!


GOLD -- Keegan Messing (FS)

To quote Toy Story, Keegan's free skate could have easily been deemed "falling with style." Apparently the look that's going to catch my eye a lot this season is this slightly disheveled English aristocracy, and Keegan did it well. The flower, the sparkle, the fit, everything is perfect -- especially the hair. The hair, particularly in men's figure skating, is so ridiculously important (shout-out to Brendan Kerry for being the standard-bearer of this), and Keegan got his period coif just right.

SILVER -- Shoma Uno (SP)

Shoma always manages to impress me in the earlier part of the season but tends to run out of steam toward the end. He also tends to get thrown in with some pretty tacky costumes early on. I dig this Tilda-Swinton-in-Narnia-looking top, with it's texture-laden, monochromatic sparkles and shimmer, but I don't know that it's the type of costume that's going to have longevity.

BRONZE -- Nicolas Nadeau (FS)

The Canadians have very much been putting up a style front here, even if their men's showing left much to be desired. Regardless, dressing like Elvis for your free skate, and actually pulling it off? Well done, Nicolas.

WEIR AWARD -- Jason Brown (FS)

I really need my American males to drop this habit of wearing cray-cray fashion in an Olympic year. Honorable mention in this category goes to Paul Fentz, in a Party City Game of Thrones costume, and Michal Březina, dressed as the most obnoxious kind of hipster. Congrats on your silver medal, Jason, but those pants have got to go.


GOLD -- Ashley Wagner (FS)

I will always be weak for Ashley absolutely destroying a Santine-inspired number with dress to match. Seriously, I don't know that there is a storyteller as strong as Wagner in all of figure skating right now, especially when you consider the attention to detail. This little dress directly reflects the one Nicole Kidman wears to sing "One Day I'll Fly Away," which Wagner embodied effortlessly.

SILVER -- Kailani Craine (FS)

Perfect, glorious little dress with perfect, glorious detailing. I particularly like the high collar and the intricate stoning on the back.

BRONZE -- Laurine Lecavelier (SP)

This is unusual for a figure skating costume -- the drape of the back, the arm band and the general un-athletic feel of it make it stand out. It looks more like something you'd see coming down a Paris runway than a figure skating costume, and I like that it has that transporting quality. If I had a complaint, it's the shade of pink. I would have preferred a touch more millennial, a touch less bubble gum.

Honorable Mention -- Anna Pogorilaya (SP & FS)

After a 2016-17 season dressed like a weird anime birthday cake, Anna really cleaned up and looked great for Skate Canada -- a distinctly more sophisticated and high-end look. Well done, Anna.


GOLD -- Vanessa James & Morgan Ciprès (FS)

If God has ever created a more perfect looking pair, I have yet to see them. I love how the costumes on these two sync up -- he's basically wearing the T-shirt version of her look but is doing so in a way that manages to still look designed. Meanwhile, Vanessa continues to slay as the Naomi Campbell of figure skating. I love how out of the box this costume is, yet how it still manages to be chic as heck. My favorite thing about the two of them, however, is that they aren't afraid to let their costumes have a little sex appeal, from the mesh cutouts on Morgan's shirt to the low back of her body suit. 

SILVER -- Cheng Peng & Yang Jin (SP)

Again, a little sex appeal, and it really helps their performance. Picking a Mr. & Mrs. Smith routine for their short program is a cute idea that really needs a little fire, and the cut of Jin's shirt with the fiery red svelteness of Peng's gorgeously beaded dress really elevates the look.

BRONZE -- Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford (SP)

These two always make sartorial choices that tend to be slightly or very off the beaten path. These particular costumes are only slightly off said path, but the color here is what I find particularly fascinating. Mauve is not necessarily what comes to mind when I think, "This is an Olympic year, and we are two of the favorites for the gold." Still, there are very interesting lines happening with the play of sparkle, sheer and solid on Meagan's costume. Furthermore, I appreciate that they showed a little bit of restraint for Eric's costume. I'm also digging this hair on Meagan.


GOLD -- Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean-Luc Baker (FD)

I just love the romanticism of these two looks -- Kaitlin's diaphanous dress married to the starkness of Jean-Luc's suit separates really work together to create this ghostly look for the two of them. I specifically love how fragile Kaitlin's dress is, the color, the tied together look of it. Just gorgeous.

SILVER -- Olivia Smart & Adrià Díaz (FD)

Personally, I prefer Adriá's look in the short, but Olivia's dress in this number is so unique and captivating that I had to put in their free instead. The coming-undone look of it, with it's contrasting colors and textures, really keeps the eye moving, with her one shoulder covered in pearls and rhinestones being completely captivating. Gorgeous.

BRONZE -- Carolane Soucisse & Shane Firus (SD)

These two are just completely adorable. But what I am really captivated by is her skirt, which looks like it takes a master's degree in twizzling to work out, but she works it flawlessly. If you have yet to see these two perform their short, it's worth it just to see her skirt twirl.